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Thyro-cure is a supplement which improves the production of thyroxin,problems related to the fluctuation of hormones will be completely removed



    How to Use



    • 10 gms of Thyro Cure before food in the morning and after food in the night with lukewarm water

    • It will be more effective if it is taken with lemon juice and honey in half glass of lukewarm water

    • It is good to use Thyrocure, mixing with the juice of Pappaya, Pine apple or Grapes

    • If any discomfort is felt while taking Thyro cure, the dosage can be reduced to half spoon. Half spoon thyro cure, kept in water in the previous night and filtered in the morning is to be used with half spoon lemon juice. Those who feel nausea, stomach ache or any other discomfort can use it in this way.




    Women Plus should not be used along with Thyro-cure


    • Vegetables like Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower. The use of fenugreek with rice, having the whole bran of a day for balancing the hormones

    • Turnip should not be used. The chemicals, contained in these affect the production of hormones unfavourably

    • Tobacco and alcohol should not be used

    • Food without Gluten should be used


    • The use of fenugreek with rice, having the whole bran of the grain is good

    • It is better to cook food in earthen pots

     • Water, boiled with 1 piece of cinnamon, horse gram and a piece of ginger is to be prepared for drinking

    • The use of Akathi spinach, hibiscus and Nilamuringa is very effective

    • Having boiled egg is good for health with pepper powder and crystal salt

    • Have food which contains more Zinc and magnesium

    • Coconut oil with a little crystal salt after food in the night is good


    •Maintains the hormone level

    •Improves the production of the hormone

    •Removes the physical fatigue and discomfortThyroxin

    • Problems, related to the fluctuation of hormoneswill be completely removed

    •It is effective for hypo thyroid and hyper thyroid

    •It can be used by those who have early symptoms of thyroidIt can be used with the other medicines for thyroid

    •After thyroid being cured, it can be used to one time a day for balancing the hormones

    •Those who have removed thyroid should not use it

    •Pregnant women can use it one time a day

    •Lactating mothers can use it two times a day

    •Women, facing menstrual problems can use it. They will get relief

    •It is effective for those who have thyroid cancer

    •It should not be used by those who have removed Uterus






    Muthira-Macrotyloma uniflorum, Karuva-Cinnamomum verum, Karimjeerakam-Bunium bulbocastanum, Grambu-Syzygium aromaticum, Uluva-Trigonella foenum-graecum, Garlic-Allium sativum,Paruthikuru-Gossypium barbadense

250 Grams