Sounded Hearted  Water mix

Sounded Hearted Water mix

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Sounded Hearted Water Mix is a dietary supplement which prevents the formation of cholesterol in the blood arteries, the flow of blood is maintained in order





    Boil 10 gms of powder in 1 litre of water and drink in empty stomach in the morning and after food in the night. Drink water throughout




    Slim Nutrition and should not be used with this product.


    • Drink tea, boiled with ginger and cinnamon.

    . Boil 5 petals of hibiscus flower in one glass of milk and drink in empty stomach after cooling it and mixing it with 1 tea spoon honey (continuously only for one week) This drink can be used for one week. It cannot be continuously used.

    • It is much useful if Sounded Heart is drunk in empty stomach, mixed with 5 ml pudina juice, 5 ml lemon juice and 5 ml honey.

    • Rice with bran is recommended, because the anti oxidant Selenium and the atomic elements like magnesium for protecting the health of the heart is included.

    • The leafy vegetables like Fenugreek leaf, lettuce leaves, Parsley leaves and the hibiscus leaves are to be included in our diet.

    •It is better to drink milk, boiled with turmeric powder and garlic in the night

    • Coconut oil or Olive oil may be used for cooking


    • Food items with too much fat should not be used (Beef,Pork,Hormone treated chicken, items with artificially added sugar, Soft drinks etc...)

    •Rest and sleep is inevitable.

    •Hot drinks and smoking should be avoided.


    •Heart beat is rhythmically balanced.

    •Prevents the formation of cholesterol in the blood arteries.

    •The flow of blood is maintained in order.

    •Prevents Arteriosclerosis.

    •Helps to maintain the blood pH level Helps the Kidney function well by controllingthe blood pressure.

    •The smooth function of the heart is possible as'Sounded Heart' is taken.

    •The anti-oxidants in Garlic and Garcinia reducethe Cholesterol level and helps the heart function smoothly.

    •It can be used for all kinds of heart diseases.

    •SH can be used with the other medicines.

    •It is effective for the people, having heart disease and Diabetes.

    •It maintains the sugar level in bloodIt can be used by those who have urinary disorder.It reduces the urinary infection. Excessive urine is controlled.

    •It can be used by the Cancer patients. Those who take medicines for anti- cognation should not use it.





    Karuva-Cinnamomum verum, Karimjeerakam-Bunium bulbocastanum, Garlic-Allium sativum, Dates-Phoenix dactylifera, Kudampuli-Garcinia cambogia, Ginger-Zingiber officinale Roscoe

250 Grams