Live -Cure Pills

Live -Cure Pills

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Live-Cure pills are supplements which helps to remove the piosonous substances from the liver.  It rearranges the menstrual cycle and reduces the PMS level.





    How to Use



    1 tablet each two times daily, continuously for 3 months



    • Avoid drinking and smoking habits

    • Food with artificial sweet should be avoided

    • Acid based food should be avoided


    • Drink water, boiled with Pooparuthiyila and Cumin seed

    .• The benefit will be double if milk, boiled with the grinded mixture of 10g Nilamparanda and cumin seed is used .

    •It is better to drink the ginger juice with lemon

    • Make it a habit to use rice with its bran

    • Use side dish with Kothavara

    • The liver of Country chicken or goat, prepared with Ginger, Garlic, Cinnamon and Pudina is better to be cooked for eating

    • Yoghurt and curd can be used . It is better to use the vegetables like Cauliflower, Bruccoli, Kail etc


    •Damages of liver are resolved and rearranged

    •It helps to remove the poisonous substances from the liver

    •It rearranges the menstrual cycle andreduces the PMS level It helps to solve the digestive problems

    • It makes the absorption of carbohydrates easy

    • It helps to remove all damages of liver and keeps it healthy

    •It is useful for fatty liver and JaundiceIt is good for Herpes, followed by Chicken pox

    • It is an important food supplement for cancer patients

    •It is useful for diabetic patientsIt is a good solution to skin diseases.

    •It is really a multi-food supplement because thedamage to liver also affects the other parts of the body

    •It can be used by any patient with other diseases


    PILLS:  50 PILLs




    Nilappara-Curculigo orchioides, Perumjeerakam-Pimpinella anisum, Thakkolam-Illicium verum, Neermarudh-Terminalia arjuna, Agathi cheera-sesbania grandiflora, Muringayila-Moringa oleifera,Garlic-Allium sativum