Haemo Plus

Haemo Plus

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Haemo Plus is liquid supplement which maintains pH level. It increases the production of RBC, resists anemia.




    How to Use


    • Take 15ml in empty stomach in the morning

    •5ml can be given to children

    •This supplement can be used continuously.

    •Haemo Plus can be used for the people, having any health problems






    • Smoking and drinking habits should be avoided

    • Reduce the use of too much acridness and sour

    • It is an effective drink for stimulating the function of liver


    • Take the juice of Pudina, Coriander leaves and betel leaves. It helps to increase platelets

    •It is a relief to chest burning if it is used with the juice of Garlic and Ginger.

    •It is useful to have porridge, made from rice with its bran •Blood pressure can be controlled if 20 ml of it is taken with Beetroot juice or lemon juice.


    • Maintains blood pH level

    • Increases the production of RBC

    • It helps to remedy all kinds of skin diseases

    • It is an effective blood purifier It smoothens the blood circulation.

    • Helps to maintain real beauty of the skin

    • Helps to maintain a cancer patient's total blood count

    • It is good for kidney patients

    • It is a good remedy for body growth It helps to increase blood

    • Blood impurity, Pimples and ringworms can be cured

    • Those who have bleeding due to piles can use it

    • It is highly effective for those who suffer from respiratory problems

    • If it is used constantly, the colour of the skin any person, suffering from any disease






    Beetroot-Beta vulgaris, Shatavari-Asparagus racemosus, Amukkuram-Beta vulgaris, Dry grapes-Vitis, Badam-Prunus dulcis, Pudina leaf-Mentha, Malli leaf-Coriandrum sativum, Madhalam-Punica granatum, Karimb-Saccharum officinarum, Sugar base, Preservatives

200 Milliliters