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Diamix is a deitary supplement which controls Hper Glycaemia effectively,prevents the function of Glycogination, prevents the spread of uncontrollable sugar in blood, other diseases related to diabetes are alsp prevented to some extent. 



    How to Use


    One tea spoon three times daily before food.

    Mix one tea spoon Dia Mix in half glass of water with the juices of half of a lemon




    • Prepare 2 litres of water, boiled with one tea spoon fenugreek, one tea spoon cumin seeds, ripe leaves of jack fruit tree (3 Nos.) broken coconut shell (half) and drink this water only

    • Brush the teeth with pure coconut oil in the morning and evening

    • Drink 2 glasses of water immediately after getting

    • Eat 10 gms of copra in empty stomach

    • Have the breakfast, using rice with complete bran

    • Eat potatoes with peel, raw banana (unpeeled), Ladies finger, Ash gourd, Carrot, Sweet potato (without removing skin)

    • Use Soya bean seed and Green gram

    • Cook in earthen wares

    • Drink rice soup or potato soup in the night

    • Include maximum leafy vegetables in the diet


    •Patients with Hypo Glycaemia should not take it and all others can use it.

    • It reduces body pain and those with gastric disorder, chest burning and urinary disorder can use it.

    • Provide remedy to lack of sleep

    • It is good for heart and cancer patients

    • Avoid food with carbohydrates

    • Meat should not be used with starchy food Yoghurt and curd without sour can be used

    •Sleep and rest are inevitable

    •Drink maximum water

    •Tapioca, Split pigeon Peas, Red Cowpeas should not be used

    • Dia Mix can be used as a food supplement for those with all other diseases

    • As it contains fenugreek and black cumin seed, it will have a bitter taste

    • Use of Dia Mix for a long period is required for chronic diseases

    • Pregnant women and lactating mothers can use Dia Mix

    • People above 50 years of age with diabetic complications


    • Controls Hyper Glycaemia effectively

    • Function of Pancreas cells is made more effective

    •  Other diseases, related to Diabetes are prevented to some extent.

    •  Prevents the function of Glycogination

    • Protects the health of heart

    •  Prevents the spread of uncontrollable sugar in blood

    •  Be free from Diabetes when Dia Mix is constantly used

    •  Dia Mix can be used by those who take other medicines. After observing the change in sugar, the quantity of other medicines can be gradually reduced and take only Dia Mix.





    Uluva-Trigonella foenum-graecum, Geerakam-Cuminum cyminum L., Garlic-Allium sativum, Ginger-Zingiber officinale Roscoe, Bark of ashoka-Saraca asoca, Ramcham-Chrysopogon zizanioides,Raktachandanam-Pterocarpus santalinus

250 Grams